Season 40 Jeopardy! contestants - where they're from

The main table includes all players who made their first appearance on Jeopardy! in 2023-24. Thus, they exclude:

So, actually, there's not going to be a "main table" for a while. After the S37 Second Chance & S37/S38 Champions Wildcard which open the season, Jeopardy! intends to contest its entire "postseason" as originally set out. (Well, it will do so if the WGA strike is resolved by then.) That is, a Second Chance and Champions Wildcard from Season 39, followed by a Tournament of Champions. Regular play is almost certainly not going to resume until some time in 2024.

What's here:

(Credits: Zap2it & TitanTV for TV schedules for each market; ThinkTV for a listing of Canadian market sizes, enabling me to rank them properly with the U.S. markets; and OpenStreetMap for county mapping information.)

Ranks represent market size estimates for 2022–23; I'll update them if and when I can find that information.

Updated through Week 3 of Season 40 (2023-09-29), including "separate" table for Season 37 Second Chance.

Season 37 Second Chance Competition

2Los AngelesKABC8
10San Francisco-Oakland-San JoseKGO3
8Washington (Hagerstown)WJLA2
22Portland, ORKATU2
9Boston (Manchester)WBZ1
11Phoenix (Prescott)KTVK1
13Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota)WTSP1
33Kansas CityWDAF1
39West Palm Beach-Fort PierceWPBF1
99South Bend-ElkhartWSBT1